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Nigel Conway (b. 1966 - Leigh, (Greater Manchester) England) is celebrated for his abstract figurative paintings with their captivating voluminous features – specifically eyes and lips. Through his continued exploration of new subjects and media, Conway has built his career into an artistic adventure. In this way, he has maintained his own interest, as well as the attention of critics and art aficionados alike


Conway comes across as an “every man” whose self-taught style combines levity with a profound connection to the subjects he paints. His imagery so compellingly captures love, joy, sorrow, and even terror, that it creates a magnetic effect, which crosses all boundaries. As such, his work is included in prominent public and private collections across the globe.


Conway currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Having made the southwest his home for the past decade, the state of New Mexico has embraced Conway through multiple purchases for their permanent collections, including multiple pieces for the Bataan Memorial Building in Santa Fe.




“The thing about painting for me, the big deal about it, is that I feel compelled to do it everyday and to new levels. There’s always something going on in my head, some non-sense up there that I am trying to achieve. So I am compelled to do it. If I let my head wrap around the task of painting, I wouldn’t have a painting out there. My head would have never given me permission to start being a painter in the first place”

– Nigel Conway

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